Why you should apply for an Apprenticeship in the Travel Industry

With the myriad of career options available, it can be difficult to find the right path for you and the experience you need to pursue it. An apprenticeship offers the perfect opportunity to get a hands on experience in your area of interest and build a foundation of CV boosting expertise.

A rapidly growing and hugely successful industry, an apprenticeship in the travel industry offers the chance to learn from those with years of experience. If you love all things travel related, then an apprenticeship is the perfect place to start your journey.

Variety of Role and Tasks

The travel industry offers a wide array of different positions and apprenticeship roles, ranging from PR and marketing to product and sales, meaning that you can jump straight into an area of the industry you are particularly passionate about. Being an apprentice means you are often required to help several different members of the team, resulting in the development of a diverse body of experience and new skills. With a whole world of destinations to focus on, you are sure to be given a variety of tasks to work on.

Step towards your Dream Job

An apprenticeship in a travel company can be hugely instrumental in the pathway towards your dream job. The practical experience and workplace confidence gained during your time as an apprentice can make your CV very attractive to the eyes of a future employer. With intense competition in the current job market, an apprenticeship shows initiative and a clear passion for the travel sector. Being able to show evidence of work you have done in a professional environment can help single you out from other applicants. On top of that, you will now know from experience, which path you want to travel down.

Experience of International Work

In addition to representing holiday resorts, travel companies often have offices in different countries, which can provide important experience of working with international clients and colleagues. Each office may have different responsibilities or aims depending on where they are situated. As an apprentice you may be required to liaise with these offices, thereby widening your knowledge not only of the company, but also the country they are located in. The scope for international learning during an apprenticeship is hugely beneficial and cannot be taught in a classroom, so make the most of it and see where it takes you.

Growing and Innovative Industry

Considered one of the fastest growing industries, the travel industry is also one of the most creative and innovative. Constantly evolving to adapt to new trends and interests, an apprenticeship in travel will ensure you are never bored and always challenged. Fast-moving and exciting, the opportunities offered through working in travel are endless and an apprenticeship is the first step on a varied and exciting career path.
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