• Specialist Yoga Retreats Infographic

    Revive your mind and body by escaping on one of our luxury yoga holidays. Combine yoga with a spa break in Italy, a culture holiday in Thailand, or a fitness break in St. Lucia. Take a look at our useful infographic for interesting facts and figures; inspiration for where to go, and reasons why you should bring yoga into your life. Get in touch with one of our travel specialists to tailor-make your perfect yoga retreat.

  • Steve Harvey - Benefits of Holistic Healing

    Steve Harvey - Zighy BaySteve Harvey

    Steve Harvey is an extremely gifted holistic healer, life and relationship coach and energy therapist, with an established global reputation, who has treated the likes of Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Donna Karan, and Bruce Willis to name a few. He is currently coaching at Zighy Bay in Oman where he helps his clients in maintaining the right attitude, in order to keep their lives, health, and relationships on track. His approach to wellness is through the body, mind, and spirit, and his understanding of Eastern and Western therapies have inspired many.


  • Stress and Burnout

    Justine Glenton

    by Justine Glenton

    An Ashtanga & Zen Yoga Teacher

    By the time we have reached the month of March, we are all completely submerged in our busy lives with schedules, commitments, deadlines, dramas and our personal evolution; not to MENTION those quarterly bills looming somewhere in the background. Some of us may already be feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out?  The first thing I want to say and remind you about is simple, please '"Take the time to: BREATHE - Consciously and deeply as you can". For something that we can live for only a few seconds without, we can do it so badly and this sustenance is totally free and available to us 24/7!  When we are anxious we can literally 'hold our breath', and how much better do you feel instantly after just a couple of 'deep breaths', note how your body responds immediately.

  • The 10 Best Health and Fitness Retreats

    The 10 Best Health and Fitness Retreats


    From yoga retreats in Thailand to adventure fitness holidays in Oman, we present our 10 best health and fitness retreats around the world to help rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Enhance your well-being in just 7 days on one of our worldwide healthy holidays and return home with benefits that will long outlast your tan.

  • The Benefits of a Yogic Detox

    The Benefits of a Yogic Detox

    With the trend of avid yoga fanatics growing year on year, Anil Singh, wellness expert at Zighy Bay in Oman, shares with us the benefits of a yogic detox on holiday.

  • The Benefits of Alternative Therapies

    Deniz Susever - Kempinski Barbaros Bay BodrumDeniz Susever

    Deniz Susever is a Watsu-Tantsu-WATA (water dance), EFT practitioner and Yoga Teacher at Kempinski Barbaros Bay. She began her journey of alternative therapies and healing energies in 1997. After being introduced to yoga as a guest she decided to go to Rishikesh (India) and became a yoga teacher, she also has studied Integrative Massage in India. Deniz has excellent charisma in Watsu (Water-Shiatsu), Tantsu (Watsu on land) and Water dance (WATA) Therapy training in India. The last six years she has been a Vipassana Meditator.


    Interview with a Watsu Practitioner

    What inspired you to study alternative therapies and remedies?

    I started my journey of alternative therapies and healing energies with Reiki, and I discovered that everyone of us has a healing power. Being in a position to provide healing for clients and also myself has filled me with tremendous happiness. Reiki has enhanced my interest in the workings of the human body, and the energies which surround us and are also within us.

    What is Watsu and how is it similar to Tantsu?

    Watsu is a fusion of water and shiatsu is a form of body massage performed while floating in warm water. It combines the therapeutic benefits of warm water and Zen Shiatsu, Yoga, Alexander Technique and Meditation. Tantsu is Watsu on land. There's no set pattern to the movements and there is stretching, wavelike movement of the water, the breath and heart connection, stillness and cradling throughout the session like on Watsu.

    As a waterdance therapist, do you feel water is an important element when it comes to healing?

    Water is a miraculous element which transforms and heals the person physicaly, physiologicaly and psychologically. Waterdance is combined with underwater movements reminiscent of the womb and creates a tremendously healing experience. The water itself carries teachings that can actually support and nurture extraordinary relaxation by encouraging effortless insight into ourselves.

    WATA (waterdance) is a unique form of bodywork, can you describe how it works?

    Waterdance is a form of aquatic bodywork like Watsu, it begins on the surface. Then the receiver is given a nose clip and step by step is gently guided under the water. The session incorporates elements of massage, dolphin and snake movements, rolls, somersaults, inversions and dance. The effects are physical release such as joint mobilisation and can encourage deep states of relaxation.


    Kempinski Barbaros Bay Bodrum - Watsu pool

    The Watsu pool at Kempinski Barbaros Bay

    As an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner can you describe this technique and how it is beneficial?

    EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) combines Acupressure and Affirmation Techniques which works by neutralizing disruptions in the body's electrical system, then stops the chemical chain reaction and frees the person from emotional and physical discomforts. New or old emotional upsets, life long phobias, compulsive behaviors and unhealthy patterns can often be released easily. These techniques are so gentle, rapid and startlingly effective.

    Why is integrative massage so beneficial and how is it different to other massage therapies?

    Integrative Massage is done by applying oil which cleanses and relaxes the body. This massage contains 3 parts: in the first part, we awaken the body by pressing the important points which we call "marma". After that, by applying oil we stimulate the lymphatic system and detoxify and strenghten the muscles, joints and ligaments. In the last part, we increase the flexibility and the energy level of the body with some passive static stretching exercises.

    Can you describe Klang massage and what makes it distinctive?

    Nepal's traditional sound massage (Klang Massage) is applied with special bowls produced from an alloy of 16 different materials. Before the session we determine the chakras we are going to work on and we work on every chakra with their colour one by one. The person can explore the self-regeneration and self-treatment power of the body with sound vibrations.

    What is Vipassana Meditation and how is it beneficial?

    Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2,500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills, i.e., an Art of Living. In Vipassana Meditation one experiences that everything is passing away. In our life, pain or pleasure is also impermanent, so no need to generate attachment or craving for something which gives pleasure and no need to generate anger or hatred for something which makes pain. When we see things as they are, we can live life in peace and harmony.


    Kempinski Barbaros Bay Bodrum - Vipassana meditation

    Meditation at Kempinski Barbaros Bay

    What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

    When I encountered Yoga in 2000, I was living in a small town (Kas) in Turkey. We were gathering with some friends and doing yoga asanas and some pranayama techniques. I was working as a diving instructor at that moment which is why I was very familiar about explaining the postures and some details like in the diving courses. My friends were encouraging me to become a yoga teacher and I tried some of the yoga styles like Kundalini, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa during these years. Afterwards I visited Rishikesh (where yoga was born) and ended up learning with traditional Hatha yoga which I like a lot because each pose is like deep meditation.

    Kempinski Barbaros Bay offers a wide range of treatments, with your training in yoga, massage and waterdance therapies, how well do guests respond to these?

    Our guests are very lucky, because we give them all special care and try our best to offer the highest levels of satisfaction. They understand the importance of relaxation and the healing effects of holistic therapies. They are very open to try new therapies like Watsu, Waterdance or Aqua Reflexology.

    Stress has become prevalent in society, what top tips do you have to reduce stress?

    Practise meditation ,yoga asanas (postures), and keep your inner smile on and think positively. After work take a warm shower or bath before you sleep. Eat healthy super foods (like spirulina, wheatgrass and sprouted seeds) Drink chamomile or melissa tea, walk barefoot in the grass and listen to classical music Start the day by laughing before you get up from the bed - dance and sing!

    For more information visit Kempinski Barbaros Bay.

  • The Benefits of Going on a Holistic Holiday

    Everyone needs a break every now and then, but the fly-and-flop holidays that involve nothing more than lazing around by the pool won’t provide you with the long-term benefits that your mind, body and soul really needs. You may have a relaxing break, putting the stress and strains of everyday life to one side, but as soon as you arrive back home you will soon feel these same stressors and tensions arise. Focusing on not only providing a relaxing holiday but the tools you need to lead a more balance lifestyle long-term, here we take a look at how a holistic holiday can offer healing benefits for both your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

  • The Benefits of Going on a Spiritual Retreat

    Rock pile indicating spirituality


    Do you feel disconnected, stressed, or overwhelmed? In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, with little time to relax, it’s easy to see why. However, there are numerous ways to counteract this. Spiritual retreats are becoming increasingly popular to find solace, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection with oneself.  We will look at the many advantages of attending a spiritual retreat, particularly emphasising the benefits of your mental health and self-discovery journey.

  • The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps During Yoga

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple years, chances are you’ve seen a Himalayan salt lamp in your local community market or on an online shop. These decorative lamps give off a soft, pinkish-orange glow that makes for an attractive feature in any home. However, the main selling point isn’t its aesthetic appeal, but its wide range of health benefits.

  • The Benefits of Panchakarma as Part of an Ayurvedic Detox

    The Benefits of Panchakarma as Part of an Ayurvedic Detox

    The Benefits of Panchakarma as Part of an Ayurvedic Detox

    Shining the spotlight on a holistic approach to cleansing, Dr Prasanth, Ayurvedic Doctor at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali, shares the benefits of Panchakarma as part of an Ayurvedic detox.

  • The Best Active Holidays in Thailand

    The Best Active Holidays in Thailand


    With its vast array of dreamy landscapes, from lush mountain jungles to white sandy beaches; Thailand is the perfect destination to escape on an activity fuelled holiday. Home to some of Asia’s best health and fitness retreats, there are a multitude of programmes suitable for all sporting fanatics that will boost fitness and well-being on an active holiday. With a plethora of activities to choose from, such as cycling, tennis, yoga, Pilates and various water-sports, you’ll never be short of things to do. Take a peek at our best active holidays in Thailand and feel inspired to explore the beauty of this culturally rich country whilst boosting your health and fitness within the realms of luxury.

  • The Best Active Holidays in Thailand

    With its vast array of dreamy landscapes, from lush mountain jungles to white sandy beaches, Thailand is the perfect destination to escape on an activity fuelled holiday. Home to some of Asia's best health and fitness retreats, there are a multitude of programs suitable for all sporting fanatics that will boost fitness and well-being on an active holiday. With a plethora of activities to choose from, such as cycling, tennis, yoga, Pilates and various water-sports, you'll never be short of things to do. Take a peek at our best active holidays in Thailand and feel inspired to explore the beauty of this culturally rich country whilst boosting your health and fitness within the realms of luxury.

  • The Best Ayurveda Detox Holidays in India

    Ayurveda Detox Holidays in India

    Enhance and enlighten your mind, body and soul with an all-encompassing approach to your well-being on our best detoxifying Ayurveda spa holidays in India. An ancient holistic approach to wellness, Ayurveda is renowned for promoting mental, physical and spiritual healing by creating a calming balance between mind, body and spirit through lifestyle assessment.

  • The Best Coastal Yoga Retreats

    Add some vitamin D and sea salt to your yoga practise on a coastal yoga holiday that will leave you sun-kissed, rejuvenated and with a feeling of total wellness. Rather than a typical fly-and-flop holiday by the coast, give yourself the gift of sunrise yoga performed on scenic coastlines, supplemented by exhilarating water sports and indulgent spa treatments. Welcoming yogis of all levels and under the guidance of expert tuition you can choose to start learning yoga on holiday, or focus on strengthening and developing your existing practise. Whichever path you choose, you will return home re-balanced, rested and restored.

  • The Best Healing Hotels of the World

    The Best Healing Hotels of the World


    Whether it is your physical, mental or spiritual well-being that needs attention, our transformative healing hotels will help restore you to optimal health and wellness. Focusing on treating the person as a whole and promoting overall wellness, these healing hotels from Spain to Thailand, will regain balance and renew your energy. Return home after indulging in a series of healing treatments and wellness activities tailored to your needs, having revived and boosted your well-being.

  • The Best International Yoga Retreats

    Up your yoga game and strike your poses in a new destination where you can rebalance your mind, body and soul whilst reconnecting with nature. From Spain to New Zealand, with our amazing international yoga retreats all over the world you are sure to find the right destination just for you! Wake up to beautiful new surroundings and kick start your days with sunrise yoga classes followed by a range of fun activities and indulgent spa treatments. Not only will your international yoga retreat be an unforgettable experience but you will also experience the diverse benefits of yoga including weight loss, stress reduction and mood improvement. Choose how you want to spend your international yoga retreat with as many or little activities as you wish and allow yourself the therapeutic spa treatments your body desires with our tailor-made wellness holidays.

  • The Best Singles Holidays by the Beach

    The Best Singles Holidays by the Beach


    White sands, crystal blue waters, a myriad of activities and the freedom to decide just how you spend your time equates to the ultimate solo holiday by the beach. No longer the sole reserve of singletons, singles holiday offer the opportunity to focus on your individual wellness goals and the chance to try activities not enjoyed by your usual holiday companions. Reconnect with yourself against the backdrop of spectacular ocean views as you swim with colourful marine life off the coast of Bali, feel the sand between your toes in Greece or try ocean stand-up paddle boarding in Thailand. Meet other like-minded solo travellers, make new connections and use the supportive atmosphere to push yourself in group fitness classes. Take some ‘me time’ to unwind with invigorating ocean inspired spa treatments that will leave you refreshed and ready for the return to real life.

  • The Best Solo Friendly Short Breaks

    The Best Solo Friendly Short Breaks


    Feeling as though you need to get away to focus on your well-being? Take the time to rejuvenate your mental and physical health with 5 of the best solo friendly short breaks for singles travellers. Offering a huge variety of fitness and well-being based activities that are close to home, escape on one of our exclusive BodyBreaks with the option to tailor-make your singles holiday to exactly what you desire. From Spain and Italy, to Morocco and Portugal, choose from a range of fitness boosting activities and revitalising spa treatments in destinations only a short flight away. For solo travellers in search of a healthy singles holiday these short breaks away give you the freedom to choose exactly what you want to do. Wherever you travel to on your solo friendly short break, you are guaranteed a healthy escape that will return you home replenished and renewed.

  • The Best Summer Holiday Destinations for Wellness Travellers

    The Best Summer Holiday Destinations for Wellness Travellers


    As the days grow longer and temperatures begins to rise, it’s time to jet off and enjoy the season before the arrival of the autumn equinox. When looking for summer holiday inspiration, we’re all searching for the perfect place to relax. Boost your health and fitness in spectacular destinations as we unveil the best summer holiday destinations for wellness travellers. From a back-to-nature active retreat in Menorca, to a bespoke mindful getaway in Sri Lanka; combine relaxation, wellness and an exotic location for the summer holiday of a lifetime.

  • The Best Winter Sun Wellness Holidays to Escape the Cold

    The Best Winter Sun Wellness Holidays to Escape the Cold


    Escape the chill and swap your woolly hat for a straw one with these sun-soaked wellness holidays, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. With the short winter days meaning the only chance for some sunshine is a chilly dash outside at lunchtime, many of us spend our time daydreaming of long white beaches and balmy evenings. The British summer may still seem a long way off but with our warming winter escapes tropical weather, exhilarating adventures and luxurious spa treatments are all just a plane journey away. 

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