• How to Choose the Right Detox Holiday For You

    Are you in need of a cleansing detox, but aren’t sure which approach is the best fit for you? Even for those of us who lead a healthy lifestyle and consume a nutritional diet, a build-up of toxins in your system can lead to low energy levels, increased stress or illnesses. So not only will the right detox holiday leave you feeling youthful and revived, it could also prevent poor health. Whether you’d prefer a gentler approach to detoxing, such as a yogic detox or raw food detox, or you’d prefer more of a challenge with an active detox to sweat out toxins, everyone can benefit from a detox holiday.

  • How to increase your lifespan; 15 minutes of daily exercise

    Today's news about lazy lifestyles and couch potatoes highlights the importance of how an active and healthy lifestyle is crucial for our longevity. The new report in The British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests a sedentary lifestyle is as bad for your health as smoking and obesity because of the dangers posed by inactivity and unhealthy eating.

  • How to Maintain a Healthy Weight

    Toby Maguire - A Taoist Master

    by Toby Maguire

    A Taoist Master

    "Health is Wealth"

    Our health is the most precious gift that we can have in our lives, but most of us ignore this fact or completely take it for granted UNTIL we become ill. Managing our health should be our number one priority in life, but most of us put work at the forefront and our health somewhere near the bottom. Without your health, you have absolutely nothing and it is only when you lose it that you will realise that everything else in your life is of secondary importance. Maintaining your ideal weight is the key to living a healthy lifestyle and this can only be achieved with a positive mental attitude, regular exercise programme and a balanced diet.

  • How to Prepare for a Detox Holiday

    How to Prepare for a Detox Holiday


    Poor nutrition and lifestyle choices can leave you feeling run-down and lethargic, leading to stress and inactivity, which cause a build-up of toxins in the mind and body. Offering benefits from weight-loss to increased mental vitality, a great way to re-energise your system is to embark on a spring cleanse and enhance your well-being on a healthy detox holiday. Helping to support your body's natural elimination processes, detoxification offers numerous health benefits through a tailor-made approach of healthy nutrition and carefully chosen treatments.

  • How You Know It’s Time for a Detox Holiday

    How You Know It’s Time for a Detox Holiday

    If you have a particular health issue that you just can’t shift after many attempts of trying different methods, then the answer could be in the hands of a detox holiday. People often go about their everyday lives suffering from low energy, stress or digestive problems. Discover just how much a detox retreat could solve all your health problems, simply by flushing out toxins that build up through a combination of things including poor diet and lack of exercise. Remember, you are what you eat so embrace the powers of detoxing and reap the rewards of feeling much lighter and more alert, with higher energy levels, good sleep pattern and weight loss as well having learnt invaluable advice about nutrition and detoxing.

  • Interview with an Ayurveda Health Practitioner


  • Maintain Your Ideal Weight with Pilates

    Angie Newson

    by Angie Newson

    A Yoga and Pilates Expert

    Pilates isn't often described as something to do in order to lose weight - to lose those excess pounds, you're more likely to be told to get your pretty booty in the gym, do a combat class, go jogging or work up a sweat in a spin class. However Pilates' benefits are multi-fold and practising the method enhances a deeper awareness of how you feel on the inside - which is where our weight issues often start! 

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight

    Sarah Brewer

    by Dr. Sarah Brewer

    A Nutritionist and Doctor

    Most people who monitor their weight focus on their bathroom scales, or on their body mass index (BMI) which is calculated from their height and weight. But researchers have found that your waist size is a better indicator of your health than either your weight or your BMI. If you tend to deposit fat around your internal organs, you are more likely to develop serious health problems than those who store excess fat around their hips, or under their skin. 

  • Mario Sella on Living a 'Healtheatarian' Lifestyle at Ti Sana

    Mario SellaMario Sella

    Mario Sella, Wellness Manager at Ti Sana, Italy, grew up with a passion for science and physical activity that has led him to his role today. His childhood interest developed into an academic qualification, gaining a degree in food science and technology. A qualified personal trainer, Mario also studied and now teaches ancient oriental disciplines such as Qi Cong and Wushu-Kung Fu. Using his knowledge of nutrition and fitness, Mario oversees diagnostic tests, physical activity and, of course, nutritional plans to help guests at Ti Sana achieve their health and wellness goals.


  • More than Just Yoga, Our New Specialist Yoga Holidays & Retreats

    Yogis wanting more than just the usual yoga break can now combine their yoga holiday with a range of other pursuits and interests, as we introduce our inspiring collection of specialist yoga holidays. Whether beginner or expert yogi, with the percentage of yoga practitioners growing by 20-25% every year, everyone can embrace a new lifestyle on a yoga holiday with some secret extras. Part of a larger wellness trend, complement transformative yogic practice with our range of specialist yoga holidays; from diving in Bali and luxury spa retreats in Italy, to SUP in Ibiza and meditation in India.

  • On a Weight Loss Journey? Healthy Travel IS Possible

    Whether you travel all the time for business or have a much-anticipated holiday coming up next month, there is no reason that being away from home should derail your weight loss goals or healthy lifestyle. With unhealthy foods all around you and plenty of 'other' activities taking you away from exercise, there's no lack of temptation, but healthy travel is possible with a little preparation.

  • Optimal Nutrition for Detox and Weight Loss



  • Our New Collection: Healthy Honeymoons™

    For all newlyweds who want more than a fly-and-flop honeymoon, today we launch our new worldwide collection Healthy Honeymoons™, the first of their kind in an evolving travel industry. Whilst 99% of couples who choose a traditional wedding take a honeymoon, only 1 in 4 go on their dream honeymoon , with an emerging trend towards more experiential honeymoons for pursuing richer cultural experiences. From activity adventures in Asia to wellness spa retreats in the Caribbean; our Healthy Honeymoons will revolutionise the way couples begin their happily-ever-after.

  • Paul's Review of Absolute Sanctuary

    Review of Absolute Sanctuary


    Arriving in Koh Samui, I was greeted by a friendly Absolute Sanctuary driver and taken to this healthy hideaway, located in a quiet part of the Island. Absolute Sanctuary is Thailand's premier detox and yoga resort and just five minutes from the airport, a stunning Moroccan-inspired boutique resort for those seeking a holiday to rejuvenate, unwind and lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Paul's Review of Forte Village Resort, Sardinia

    Paul's Review of Forte Village Resort, Sardinia

    What is Forte Village and who’s it for?

    Set in a 116-acre green park Forte Village is a rare place designed for both adults and children. The expansive resort stretches out across the white beaches of Sardinia’s south coast and is home to eight distinct hotels, an array of sports academies, shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities which are sure to keep the whole family entertained. This exquisite resort also offers the opportunity to discover nature’s most powerful detox at Acquaforte Thalasso and Spa where you can enjoy the ultimate spa holiday and wellness experience.

  • Reaching Your New Year Health Goals


    Lucy Miller

    by Lucy Miller

    A Fitness and Nutrition Expert

    It's that time of year again and this is your year! You're going to lose that excess weight that’s been hanging around for like, forever. You're going to go to the gym every single day, no excuses...and eat nothing but lean meat, green vegetables and almonds. Great, that sounds good, but I'm sorry to say that's not the way to do it!

  • Samantha’s Review of Soneva Kiri, Thailand

    Travel Specialist Samantha recently spent three nights at eco-luxe Soneva Kiri in Koh Kood, Thailand and this is her snapshot review…

    Soneva Kiri is a luxe barefoot tropical island destination, catering best to families and groups of friends traveling together. A short 90-minute private 8-seater plane ride from Bangkok. The journey is smooth with an exciting landing on a short 850m strip on an adjacent island from which you will take a 5 minute speed boat ride to the jetty.

  • Sophie’s Review of SHA Wellness Clinic

    With warm temperatures in Spain still around 23 Celsius in mid-October; I decided to take a short healthy holiday to SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain for a sunny detox retreat.

  • Sophie’s Review of Svata Katerina in the Czech Republic

    Europe is full of destinations for short wellness breaks but if you are looking for an affordable healthy holiday then Svata Katerina in the Czech Republic will surely fit the bill.

    Located about 2 hours from Prague near the small town of Počátky, Svata Katerina is a place for those who love the countryside. Set in several acres of green pastures and forests, they offer outdoor activities including tennis, horse riding, hiking, biking, dog sledding, and in the winter time skijoring, a cross between skiing and horse riding. The wellness centre offers a spa, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi giving you the perfect combination of spa and sport.

  • Spa Holidays for Pampering with a Purpose

    Spa Holidays for Pampering with a Purpose

    Whether addressing a specific health issue or educating on healthier lifestyle choices, the spa industry is no longer pampering without a purpose. A constantly evolving industry, our collection of specialist spa holidays cater to the specific wellness needs of the individual. With wellness warriors now looking for more than pampering and relaxation, tailor-made wellness programmes combining expert medical, fitness and nutrition teams are taking spa holidays to the next level.

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