• Take Control of Your Sleep

    Dr Michael J. BreusDr. Michael Breus - Sleep Doctor

    Dr Michael J. Breus is a sleep expert and author of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan. He is a clinical psychologist and one of the youngest to pass the board at the age of 31. As one of the only psychologists with his credentials out of 163 psychologists worldwide, Dr. Breus specialises in sleep disorders and is the diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and of The Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is also author of Lose Weight Through Better Sleep and the creator of The Dr. Breus Bed. Dr. Breus treats athletes and celebrities and has appeared on CNN, Oprah, The View, and The Doctor's.


  • The Benefits of a Sleep-Enhancement Retreat

    The Benefits of a Sleep-Enhancement Retreat


    Do you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep? Perhaps you’ve even found this blog via a google search in the small hours.Asleep retreatmay offer the ideal solution to your problem. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of a sleep-enhancement retreat.

  • The Best Healthy Holidays to Cure your Insomnia

    While most people associate Insomnia with the strain of not being able to fall asleep, it is actually a serious sleep disorder that can affect our health and well-being quite drastically. There is an array of factors that trigger insomnia, and most of them link back to an imbalanced lifestyle. Mental conditions like stress, anxiety and depression can mess with your sleeping pattern, as do physical factors, such as poor diet, lack of exercise and an excessive intake of stimulants. The good news is, you have an influence to fight these sleep disturbance factors. Even small changes to your lifestyle will make a massive difference re-establishing your normal sleep cycle and help cure insomnia.  

  • The Best Holistic Hen Retreats

    The Best Holistic Hen Retreats


    Sometimes a typical boozy hen weekend can be a daunting prospect, especially with the most important day of your life just around the corner. If the inevitable hangover and health repercussions don’t appeal to you or your bridesmaids, then why not indulge yourself and head on a pre-wedding wellness break.

  • The Best Spa Holiday Treatments for Insomniacs

    Best Spa Holiday Treatments for Insomniacs

    If you are struggling with disturbed sleeping patterns or are simply unable to switch your mind off from this digitally charged world, you are not alone, with most people affected by sleeping difficulties during some period in their lifetime. Insomnia or habitual sleeplessness, can result from pressures at work or a stressful lifestyle making it important to learn how to manage your stress levels in order to overcome your poor sleeping habits.

  • The Power of Sleep and How it affects your Health

    The Power of Sleep


    With the perfect formula for a good night’s sleep evading most of us thanks to our busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules, Deepak Rawat, spa manager at Shanti Maurice in Mauritius, shares with us the influential effect of sleep on your overall health and well-being.

  • Top 5 De-stress Holidays: Relax your way to a better life

    Top 5 De-stress Holidays

    In today's chaotic world, people are constantly faced with problems of anxiety and stress, caused by, a poor diet, lack of sleep and difficult situations. Figures in 2009/10 have indicated that an estimated 435,000 people in Great Britain suffered from stress caused by their current or past work¹. Take the opportunity to escape the pressures of life and your regular working week with a de-stress holiday and appreciate the beauty of a worry free lifestyle.

  • Top Tips to Improve Your Sleep

    Steve Halsall

    by Steve Halsall

    A Celebrity Personal Trainer

    The Holy Trinity of energy (good sleep, food and attitude) is underpinned by the one thing we all love most; that being a good night's sleep. Good sleep is something every human being deserves, no matter what age you are, and having a good night's sleep allows for better decision making in all areas throughout the following day. Getting your head down and sleeping well is one of the most important things in anyone's life.

  • Top Tips to Sleep Well

    Having a good night's sleep is extremely important for us to feel refreshed and ready for the next day. Today, trouble sleeping is very common and can have bad effects on our health like weight gain and stress, but prolonged lack of sleep can also lead to more severe illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

  • Why Sleep is So Important for Your Wellness

    Why Sleep is So Important For Your Wellness


    In the quest for optimal well-being, we often overlook a fundamental aspect of our health: sleep. Despite the average person spending an average of 26 years asleep, many people are guilty of not prioritising it enough, especially during the working week. Due to our modern schedule, where productivity and busyness take centre stage, the importance of quality sleep cannot be overstated.

  • Why You Need A Sleep Ritual and How to Create Your Own

    Routines and rituals help to relax and train your body and mind. You’ve likely experienced this in your daily life - for example, an exercise routine is often easier to stick to when it’s done regularly at the same time.

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