• Pranayama Breathing: An Introductory Guide

    Pranayama is the 'Science of Breath', the control of the vital force (prana) in the air we breathe. It is a meditation technique that consists of slow, regulated deep breathing, which helps to calm the mind, balance the emotions and reduce stress and anxiety. It can be practised anywhere but it is advised that you meditate in a clean, peaceful place. It is most beneficial to do pranayama in the early morning or evening hours and playing appropriate soft music will also enhance your experience.

  • Samantha’s Review of Spa Village Tembok

    Samantha’s Review of Spa Village Tembok


    Located on the North East coast of Bali, is the secluded haven of Spa Village Tembok around 3 hours by luxury transfer presents the ideal opportunity to experience the ever changing Balinese scenery and to take many photos; with your own private tour guide.

  • Strike the Balance Between Health and Work with Michael Adu, Wellness Team Manager at Glass House Retreat

    We all want to be great; to stand out within our company, to be the best partner, friend and loved one. The question is how do we have all of this and look after our own health, mind and being?

  • The Benefits of a Silent Meditation Retreat

    The Benefits of a Silent Meditation Retreat


    For some, the idea of spending hours in endless silence might seem a daunting prospect, but first consider the benefits of a silent meditation retreat on your health and overall well-being. This reconnecting experience is perfect for those suffering from a stress-induced burnout, for it allows you time to reconsider your hectic lifestyle and gain a greater understanding of yourself, by developing a more effective coping strategy for managing your stress levels. Whether you are a meditation guru in search of a new challenge or someone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there are many long term benefits of a silent meditation retreat that can help address your wellness needs. Find out how absolute, undisturbed silence can benefit your relationship with those around you and help you re-establish a healthier relationship with yourself.

  • The Benefits of Going on a Holistic Holiday

    Benefits of Going on a Holistic Holiday


    Everyone needs a break every now and then, but the fly-and-flop holidays that involve nothing more than lazing around by the pool won’t provide you with the long-term benefits that your mind, body and soul really needs. You may have a relaxing break, putting the stress and strains of everyday life to one side, but as soon as you arrive back home you will soon feel these same stressors and tensions arise. Focusing on not only providing a relaxing holiday but the tools you need to lead a more balance lifestyle long-term, here we take a look at how a holistic holiday can offer healing benefits for both your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

  • The Benefits of Meditation in Modern Society, With Lucia Van Der Drift

    The Benefits of Meditation in Modern Society

    Lucia van der Drift is a mindfulness and meditation teacher, working both with groups and one-to-one to support people developing their mindfulness practice and creating more clarity, resilience and focus in their lives.

  • The Best Coastal Yoga Retreats

    Add some vitamin D and sea salt to your yoga practise on a coastal yoga holiday that will leave you sun-kissed, rejuvenated and with a feeling of total wellness. Rather than a typical fly-and-flop holiday by the coast, give yourself the gift of sunrise yoga performed on scenic coastlines, supplemented by exhilarating water sports and indulgent spa treatments. Welcoming yogis of all levels and under the guidance of expert tuition you can choose to start learning yoga on holiday, or focus on strengthening and developing your existing practise. Whichever path you choose, you will return home re-balanced, rested and restored.

  • The Best Healing Hotels of the World

    The Best Healing Hotels of the World


    Whether it is your physical, mental or spiritual well-being that needs attention, our transformative healing hotels will help restore you to optimal health and wellness. Focusing on treating the person as a whole and promoting overall wellness, these healing hotels from Spain to Thailand, will regain balance and renew your energy. Return home after indulging in a series of healing treatments and wellness activities tailored to your needs, having revived and boosted your well-being.

  • The Best Retreats for a Healthy Mind

    The Best Retreats for a Healthy Mind

    For many of us, today’s fast-paced, high-intensity lifestyle induces self-neglect and lethargy. We all desire an opportunity to heal; regaining both mental strength and rebooting physical health can be life-changing. A rise of meditation retreats offer the tools and expert guidance to cope with stress and put to use practical techniques for staying present, balanced and calm. 

  • The Best Solo Friendly Short Breaks

    The Best Solo Friendly Short Breaks


    Feeling as though you need to get away to focus on your well-being? Take the time to rejuvenate your mental and physical health with 5 of the best solo friendly short breaks for singles travellers. Offering a huge variety of fitness and well-being based activities that are close to home, escape on one of our exclusive BodyBreaks with the option to tailor-make your singles holiday to exactly what you desire. From Spain and Italy, to Morocco and Portugal, choose from a range of fitness boosting activities and revitalising spa treatments in destinations only a short flight away. For solo travellers in search of a healthy singles holiday these short breaks away give you the freedom to choose exactly what you want to do. Wherever you travel to on your solo friendly short break, you are guaranteed a healthy escape that will return you home replenished and renewed.

  • The key to travel is meditation. This is why.

    Travelling is one of the most popular “life goals”, and having the nomadic lifestyle is certainly one of the best ways to see the world.

  • The Relaxation Response

    Executive Business Coach and Life Wellness Coach Lyndall Mitchell, shares some great advice on mindfulness and wellbeing for Health and Fitness Travel a topic on which she is an expert as the founder of Aurora Spas, one of the most renowned and successful luxury spa companies in Australia, and ASPAR, a spa brand stocked throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as being the spa brand of choice for Qantas.

  • Tips for Surviving a Detox Holiday

    Ever wanted to go on a detox holiday but wondered how you would survive without your morning dose of coffee? To help you get through the initial fears, gain the greatest benefit from the detoxification and truly purify the body, we have come up with our top tips for surviving a detox.

  • Top 5 Pre-Wedding Yoga Retreats

    Pre-Wedding Yoga Retreats

    Whether you are looking to tone up or de-stress before the big day, with our top 5 pre-wedding yoga retreats, yogi loving brides-to-be are invited to re-connect and improve well-being whilst exploring new corners of the world. With a yoga holiday offering the perfect pursuit for a pre-wedding health retreat, from sunrise salutations on idyllic Thai islands, to practicing your Pranayama in exotic Morocco, return home ready for your wedding day a happier and healthier you.

  • What is a Mental Health Retreat?

    Overlook of SHA Wellness Clinic and pool.


    It is so often that we hear of people taking “mental health” days or breaks - but what does this actually mean? For some, this can mean a relaxing day on the couch or a simple day off! At Health and Fitness Travel, ourwellness holidays are structured and are multi-faceted. The purpose of a mental health retreat is to detoxify the mind and body of stress and tension, and each element of our retreats has a significant effect on your mental health.  

  • Where to go in Europe for a Detox Retreat

    Where to go in Europe for a Detox Retreat


    Unhealthy nutrition and high stress levels can build up toxins in the body, causing a number of healthy issues, from lethargy to digestive problems. Cleanse your system of these harmful toxins on one of our effective detox holidays in a stunning European destinations. Boost your immunity and improve your overall health from the inside-out with tailor-made detox programmes to suit your needs. 

  • Where to Travel to Improve your Emotional Health

    Where to Travel to Improve your Emotional Health


    The past year has been like no other; social restrictions have distanced us from family and friends, we have been ripped from our normal routines and it often feels like we are fighting a losing battle. Anxiety levels are at an all-time high, as well as feelings of hopelessness and depression. Many of us have lost jobs and loved ones to coronavirus and it is easy to feel our mental health slipping as the effects of the pandemic impactanother year of our lives.

  • Why go on a Spa Holiday?

    If you are looking for a holistic healing experience, look no further than our luxury spa holidays. Now a mainstay of travel, the demand for longer wellness breaks is increasing as people look to de-stress from the hectic demands of modern life. From beauty treatments to authentic Ayurveda therapies, traditional massages to hydrotherapy, you can experience an extensive array of indulgent therapies to help you achieve your individual wellness goals. Give in to complete tranquillity and relax on your own terms on a luxury spa break.

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