• Covid-19 Travel Checklist

    There’s no doubt that travelling abroad will be a little different for the foreseeable future, but there’s no need for pre-holiday panic with our Covid-19 checklist to help prepare you for the ‘new travel normal’. With Government guidelines constantly changing it’s hard to know where’s safe to travel to and what’s the entry requirements and regulations are for each destination, so it’s a good idea to check the government travel advice website before you go anywhere. To make things easier, we have brought together everything you need to know about Covid-friendly travel, from borders, insurance, and visas, to airport regulations, accommodation, and masks. 

  • How to Boost your Immune System from Coronavirus

    How to Boost your Immune System from Coronavirus

    The recent outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing a great deal of concern and uncertainty for many across the world. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are known to cause illness in animals and humans; COVID-19 is the latest strand of coronavirus to be discovered. 

  • How to Get a COVID Test Abroad

    How to Get a COVID Test Abroad

    Well, isn’t this a role-reversal? We’re normally helping send you away on a wellness holiday, but this time we’re helping bring you home. With spikes in cases, new variants and an emphasis on protecting the vulnerable, many countries have closed their borders and have varying rules and regulations for travellers trying to get home! 

  • Quarantine Period to be Cut for Travellers Arriving in England

    Quarantine Period to be Cut for Travellers Arriving in England

    Quarantine Period to be Cut for Travellers Arriving in England 


    Health and Fitness Travel is delighted at the latest news from the Government that is set to make travelling in the current climate that little bit easier! Amongst plenty of new changes and policies, effective from December 15th you can slash the 14-day quarantine upon arriving back in the UK by booking a private COVID-19 test. This comes as fantastic news for the travel industry and holiday goers alike, as one of the major issues with current travel, has been the two-week self-isolation period after the trip’s completion hindering work, school and life in general! 

  • The Best Wellness Holidays for the Doubly Vaccinated in Europe to Book Now

    Preidlhof from an aerial view with beautiful green valleys and mountains

    Yes, you can travel again! It is time to explore new horizons and put the Covid- 19 chaos behind you. We are all relishing the recent move by the UK government to allow those who have been doubly vaccinated to enjoy quarantine-free travel upon their return to the UK from amber list countries! We’ve seen a huge rise in enquiries and bookings for wellness holidays, which reflects all of our eagerness to go abroad, explore and relax while pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re jetting off solo on a singles holiday or with the whole family, stamp your passports and make every moment a memory.

  • The World's Best Places to Work Overseas on Holiday

    Best Places to Work Overseas on Holiday


    The increasing prevalence of remote work and tighter social distancing measures has created a new travel trend; instead of working from home, wellness enthusiasts are taking wellness holidays abroad where they can work remotely while pursuing healthy activities. At Health and Fitness Travel, we have seen an increase in clients wanting to leave the living room and carry on working remotely from holiday.

  • What are the UK’s COVID-19 Travel Entry Regulations?



    The UK’s travel entry regulations have tightened drastically in an effort to lessen the spread of coronavirus. All travel corridors have been closed, and from 18th January most international passengers will have to produce a negative PCR test in order to travel to the UK. The UK has also introduced a travel ban on all flights from South America and select countries due to the detection of a new strain of the virus in Brazil. 

  • Where to Travel for Wellness Post Lockdown

    Villa at dusk with lights on

    With the vaccine being rolled out, treatments have indeed begun, and even though we’re back in lockdown, it looks as though the end could be in sight! Now, we have all had to undergo serious changes in our lives, which in turn has severely affected our wellness, both physically and mentally. It is high time to look after your wellbeing, whether you need serenity, spirituality, weight-loss assistance or simply to just blow off some steam; one of the best ways to do this is through a wellness holiday

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