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Sean Carey is the Fitness and Lifestyle trainer at Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui, Thailand. Sean, originally from the UK is not only a certified Fitness trainer but also a Yoga and Pilates teacher. He believes that exercise training all comes down to body awareness regardless of what our goals may be. Once we understand what is entailed to achieve results then the probability of the goal being achieved is greatly increased. Sean says one method of exercise might be right for the one person but a different method may be required for another, and this can only be realised through body awareness.

Interview with a Fitness & Lifestyle Trainer

Why did you decide to become a fitness trainer?

I first got into fitness and exercise at a young age and became involved with my local boxing club in London at the age of 8 as well as football as a hobby too. Whilst participating in boxing over the years I realised that I had a natural ability not for boxing itself as such, but the ability to explain/pass information with my passion and enthusiasm to people in a way that made sense. In turn this helped those who were receiving the information to improve at that specific topic whilst instilling motivation to the individual concerned.

What are some of the different health programmes you have created?

Some of the different programmes I have put together have included nutritional and motivational workshops. Pilates based workshops run over a 12 week period to help a group of people improve their overall weight management, strength flexibility, and posture plus much more. At Absolute Sanctuary I have helped put together a holistic approach to achieving fitness incorporating different modalities of exercises such as cardio vascular, functional training and resistance training.

What is your favourite meditation technique and what are the benefits?

My Favourite meditation technique has to be Yoga. So many people get confused between Yoga Asanas and exercise when in fact even though the Asana does make a physical demand on the body and helps improve the appearance and shape of the body it is in fact a form of mediation.

What different exercises should a successful fitness programme include?

One method of exercise might be right for one person but a different method may be required for another. I really need to see the person and understand their needs and goals before prescribing exercise, becauseat Absolute Sanctuary personal training is completely individualised. The only way I can devise a fitness programme is through individual body awareness. Understand yourself first and foremost then the area of motivation needs to be explored followed by the area of habit forming. These are the successful elements not only to an exercise programme but also a lifestyle change.

What advice would you give to someone who is not used to exercise but wants to start getting fit?

Find something fun that you will enjoy so it doesn't become a chore but be prepared to work hard if you want results.

Out of all the fitness activities you teach, which one is your favourite and why?

I love so many things, it's hard to answer. I like teaching various routines from a very calm energy yoga detox session to a very high energy pulse racing circuits or spin class as both have the feel good benefits. But on a one to one basis I love to teach Yoga, moulding the posture to the body not the body to the posture.

What feedback do you get from your clients after they have experienced one of your fitness programmes? 

Clients always feedback that my classes are challenging and invigorating but enjoyable at the same time. I not only make sure my clients are worked hard to achieve their goals but also that they have fun at the same time, exposing them to different exercises to introduce variety.

Eating sensibly is an important part of keeping fit, what would be your top healthy eating tips?

Make sure you have a good balance between carbs fats and protein. Remember you are what you eat so food is super important. We do have an excellent nutritionist at Absolute Sanctuary so make sure you take full advantage.

Kick-boxing is becoming hugely popular. What do you enjoy about it and what are the benefits from doing this form of martial arts?

Kick Boxing is a great form of self-defence that can be picked up quite quickly. Excellent for co-ordination, it definitely gets a lot of the feel good chemicals released in the body. But do bear in mind it is high impact so it needs to be balanced with forms of exercise that will improve tendon strength whilst maintaining good tendon elasticity (this is where Pilates/Yoga compliment it so well) and keeping bone density strong.

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