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Interview with a Bootcamp Trainer

Tell us about your the Epic Sana Sayanna Reshape Bootcamp in Portugal. How did it start?

The Algarve is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Europe. As a personal trainer I wanted to reach out to people who want to get back into shape or start a healthy lifestyle and going international was one of the ways of doing this. Working with clients for a week of intensive training during which I can pass on as much of my knowledge as possible leads to a change in people's behaviour. This was my goal.

Why is the Algarve such a special place to train on a luxury bootcamp?

Excellent weather conditions, great food, beautiful beaches and within 30 minutes from the main Faro international Airport which is no more than 3 hours flight from the main European airports.

The Algarve also has something in common with California in the US - the most days of sunshine in one year.

What core values and beliefs do you promote for the bootcamp experience?

The only way out of it (whatever it is) is to go through it. I work successfully with determination, passion, persistence, understanding and patience.

How have you used your life experiences to fulfil your role as a guide, trainer and mentor?

By stepping out of my own comfort zone many times as a mentor and guide I invite my students to do the same and show them that what they thought was impossible to reach becomes possible.


Running on the beach on a Luxury Algarve Bootcamp

A morning jog on the beach on an Epic Sana Bootcamp

How do your bootcamps differ from the traditional bootcamp?

The bootcamp delivers a varied and fun programme, training with people with over 20 years of experience and provides extremely good food and luxury accommodation. Moreover there is no camouflage gear - my bootcamps empower the participants instead of repressing them.

Some people might find the idea of a bootcamp holiday intimidating. What would be your advice to them?

Always listen to your body and you will know you picked the right bootcamp if the trainer is able to work with all fitness levels and all ages.

Can you tell us a little bit more about a typical day on the Epic Sana Bootcamp?

There is a set training schedule (although activities vary and are not set in advance) but I am more than happy to tailor the programme to participant's goals and needs. The day starts with a detox juice at 6.50am and an early morning warm up, followed by breakfast, mid-morning activity, brief snack, lunch, mid-afternoon activity, brief snack, free time and dinner.

How important is nutrition compared to exercise on a bootcamp holiday?

Nutrition has been the big eye opener on my bootcamps. Often participants say, "What? I have to eat that much food? I don't eat that much food at home." But the biggest surprise comes after the bootcamp when the scales show you have lost a couple of kilograms. Most of the people are either not eating the right amounts of food or not eating the right food.


Stretching before training on a Luxury Algarve Bootcamp

Stretching in the sunshine 

What is the best form of motivation to have whilst exercising?

To be able to do a little bit more from session to session.

How can people make sure they are best prepared for a bootcamp holiday?

To be open-minded and really have the desire to make that shift they have been waiting to do for many years but never have.

How does your Bootcamp benefit your clients in the long term?

My bootcamps are very informative and I show training methods and techniques that participants can easily take home with them.

Please share with us your top tips for leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Human is a very individual being and what best works for one may not work for another; however there are some basic guidelines which seem to have a positive effect for the majority:

1. Eat several smaller meals along the day including as much un-processed food as possible and drink plenty of fresh water.
2. Exercise for 30 minutes 5 days a week.
3. Don't take life, yourself, and others too seriously and enjoy the journey.

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