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Interview with a Holistic Healer

Can you define holistic healing and how it is beneficial?

Holistic healing means looking at yourself, at your life, at your suffering, from many different points of view. To build up a total holistic picture, more a three-dimensional sculpture of exactly who you have become at this moment in your life. Holistic healing means re-balancing and re-centering, until the client and the practitioner both feel that he or she is centered and balanced as best as possible.

I like to describe what I do and the problems I help fix just like a small table. You know the coffee table you have in your house and that it has 4 legs holding it up, what if you removed a leg? It would undoubtedly get quite wobbly. Things would fall off the top and it becomes unstable and unreliable. Take out another leg (down to 2 now) and it is pretty well unusable. You can temporarily shove a couple things underneath it to keep it level on the surface but never rely on it and never put something heavy on it. Remove another leg and it is unusable. Much like your life.

If you have all 4 legs in perfect shape in the right places, life ticks along just as it should, but you start removing or unbalancing one or more of the legs and it gets unbalanced, dangerous, unreliable and in serious need of immediate repair. Some people attempt the quick fix approach but it never fixes the underlying problem, which is why the problem keeps coming back month after month, year after year.

I help you repair and remove any issues that are causing you unbalance in your life. Be it your health, your happiness, your wealth or your confidence, they all need to be working properly to go about a fulfilled life.

What are the most common energetic imbalances that people face?

Your emotional health, your success in the world and your level of joy can all be dramatically enhanced by shifting the energies that regulate them. Likewise, when your energy is disturbed every area of your life can become affected. Some of the most common forms of energy imbalances are depression, anger, obesity, fears, phobias and anxieties.


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Do you feel people are disconnected from themselves and if yes, why?

Yes, most definitely. Busy lifestyles and hectic schedules are taking such a toll on the mental and physical health of people all over the world. We have become human "doings" rather than human "beings". We think we need to do in order to be someone, but we've had it backwards. We need to be in order to do.

Approximately 80% of all doctor visits are stress related. This chronic stress is disrupting the body's vital energy. Scientific research has long ago proven that there is an invisible life force energy field that animates the human body through 14 energy pathways called meridians. The meridian system is very similar to radio, radio waves cannot be seen by the human eye, but we all know they do exist.

The meridian system compares to radio in that if a city has 14 radio stations, much like our 14 energy meridians, it is imperative that each specific station broadcast at its individual frequency. In other words, if a station is operating at 96.5 on the dial, it comes in loud and clear; however, if it comes in at 96.4 or 96.6, the radio broadcast is only static. There is nothing wrong with the radio, it just needs to be tuned to the proper station and a simple adjustment will bring it into full normalcy. When one of those pathways is disrupted or blocked we may experience strong emotions and negative flow within the body, which ultimately causes health problems.

Much like the way blood flows through your arteries and vessels, energy travels through your body through the meridian system. So, every negative emotion you personally experience, including depression, anger, frustration, stress, grief, guilt, anxiety, fear, is the direct result of some form of blockage in your body's energy system.

As a lifestyle consultant, what inspired you to help people find balance and holistic well-being?

For years I had a very successful massage practice, but I could never understand why some people would get over their issue real fast while others would hold onto it forever. I often wondered if one could be traumatized in the blink of an eye, why then couldn't we be de-traumatized just as quickly. I kept looking for the "off switch". When I discovered EFT, I found the off switch and was inspired to share that with everyone. At the same time I discovered The Work of Byron Katie and The Demartini Method by Dr. John F. Demartini. Then one night, I awoke with the idea to blend all of the modalities together and out of this Steppingstone Sessions were born. I often include life coaching with the therapy, to help people not only feel better about themselves but to then move forward and actually realise their goals, whether that's a new relationship, a more balanced life or job success. I LOVE this work, watching my clients discover the feeling of freedom and joy that comes with letting go of old hurts and pains and finding new ways of interacting with the world.

In your integrative bodywork, where do you find people hold the most tension and stress in their bodies?

Each meridian is governed by an organ. Each meridian has a group of muscles and a group of emotions. Whenever, the meridians are out of balance, one will experience blockages on the energy level as well as the mental/emotional and physical levels. In this light, whenever a person experiences stressful emotions on a regular basis, this will eventually manifest on the physical body. In other words, the issues are in the tissues. Most people hold their tension in the low back and upper back neck and shoulders. That which exists on the mental/emotional level will always manifest on the physical and until you deal with that which exists on the physical on the mental/emotional level, you will always be bound to the physical.

Describe your stepping stone sessions and there benefits?

Stepping stone sessions offer an opportunity to deepen your personal healing process and see more clearly and compassionately the dis-ease existing inside you. Within the sessions safe, supportive environment, your own dormant healing potential is drawn forth and focused to transform old constricting inner conflicts into flowing, creative vital energy for serving your life's higher purpose. I do not believe in the one piece fits all approach. Instead, I use a combination of East and West, Ancient and Modern, traditional and non-traditional healing modalities such as Ayurveda, EFT, The Work and The Demartini Method depending on the unique needs of each individual. What the guest "brings" to a session (e.g; pain, injuries and or emotional concerns), generally determines my approach that day. The benefits vary person to person such as pain reduction, decreased stress, and increased energy and vitality. Stepping stone sessions are equally effective in bringing about positive changes in one's life, enhancing performance and improving self-esteem.

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What would you recommend as your top tips for emotional well-being?

Learn to love what is. Reality is always kinder than our story about it. Learn to balance your lop-sided perceptions. Every event has an equal benefit and drawback. Everything has two sides, and you can never have one without the other. Benefit and drawback, the positive and the negative, are always perfectly balanced.

Don't complain about your lot in life. Instead, ask yourself, "How does this serve me?" What is the hidden benefit to your fear, or illness or lack of money etc?" and don't stop until you're thankful for it. Take time to be still. How else can you receive?

How does EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) differ from massage therapy?

A simple way to think of EFT is it's a lot like acupuncture for the emotions except we don't use needles. We simply tune into the problem while tapping on the acupuncture points with the fingertips. There are no massage strokes involved whatsoever. By tapping your meridian points, while addressing a specific problem you are faced with, the emotional issue will gradually disappear. This simple process balances and re-energizes your system, clearing energy blockages and ridding yourself of the negative emotions you have been suffering from.

Some people struggle when it comes to losing weight, do you feel this could be because of an emotional or a physical barrier?

Both. Most definitely! Whenever I work with a client who tells me they are overweight I usually begin by asking them "How is it serving you? What's the benefit?" At first they refuse to believe that there is any benefit at all or that it is serving them, but eventually they are able to come up with many benefits of being overweight. For example, one woman I worked with told me that being overweight prevented her from having an affair with a co-worker. Another gentleman told me that women were drawn to him because they felt he was vulnerable and safe. Another woman told me that she has a circle of friends with whom she socialized with on a regular basis. However, only she and one other woman were overweight. The other woman happened to be her "best friend" and she couldn't lose weight as she felt she would be letting her friend down.

At Zighy Bay Six Senses, how has life coaching and holistic healing been beneficial to your clients?

I believe today's spa goers are looking for something different. They are looking for transformational experiences. They don't want to simply feel good for an hour while they are at the spa, but want to learn life enhancement skills that can improve their quality of life. All dis-ease starts with wrong choices caused by energy imbalances that are not seen or addressed at their inception. By addressing these root causes of disharmony, we can potentially prevent further physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual disharmonies from manifesting, thus enabling a deeper connection with the essence of who we are and experience our full capacity for life.

Who's been your favourite celebrity that you have treated and why?

I really do not have a favourite, but I feel very privileged to have treated Michael J. Fox. You would be hard pressed to find a more down-to-earth guy far from being bitter about being forced into retirement at the height of his career, he considers himself a lucky man. He shared with me that he used to think that his purpose in life was to be an entertainer, but now his purpose is to make a difference in people's lives through advocacy and supporting research with his foundation. He then went on to say that he is truly grateful for Parkinson's as it has given him a chance to appreciate a wonderful life and career, his family, and the opportunity to help find a cure.


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