Holidays in Bhutan

Tucked between its powerful neighbours of China and India, Bhutan is a tiny, remote Himalayan kingdom with a huge appeal. Fiercely protecting its culture and ancient traditions, it is shrouded in fascinating history, magical monasteries, and snow-covered mountains. Offering a unique landscape that is virtually untouched, Bhutan is the perfect setting to get up close and personal with the spectacular nature of the Himalayas, and detox from the stresses of modern life. With 70% of the land covered in forest and the country absorbing more carbon than it emits, Bhutan is one of the last pristine pockets of the Himalaya, making it the perfect place to begin your health and fitness journey. The birthplace of the happiness index, a healthy holiday in Bhutan is not short of infectious smiles and friendly locals, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized, captivated by this remarkable country.